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Before you submit your application you should read the following Terms and Conditions. Unless you indicate otherwise you will be sent your offer in an email and you will be able to see the details on this website. This page also details our Data Protection statement.

To submit your application you must accept the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

All parents are advised to read the Parent’s Guide to Education Services in Wrexham that gives details of how applications are processed and the timetable for processing them. This information may be found on our main website.

Parents intending to move into Wrexham County Borough Council, or into a different property within the Authority, are advised that it is essential to provide evidence e.g. solicitor's letter confirming the exchange of contracts and the date of legal completion or a copy of a tenancy agreement.

If there is equal, shared custody of the child, it is left to the parents to decide which address to use but we may ask to see a Court Order or other evidence to confirm this arrangement exists.

Occasionally, issues relating to a child’s ‘home address’ are brought to the attention of the LA after school places have been allocated.  In such cases, we are obliged to carry out further investigations concerning a child’s ‘home address’ and in doing so, we may ask parents/carers to provide official documentation as evidence confirming a child’s ‘home address’.  Parents/carers are advised that if a place in a preferred school has been obtained on the basis of a false statement or false information, the Council reserves the right to withdraw the place.  The consequence of this could be that there may no longer be a place available for the child at their next nearest school.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you hereby agree that Wrexham Council can make any reasonable enquiries including to check your home address.

If the permanent address of the child changes after making an application, it is essential that you let us know as soon as possible in writing.

Where we are able to offer more than one school, we will offer you your highest ranked preferred school, and withdraw all lower ranked offers. If we are unable to offer you any of your preferred schools, we will endeavour to offer you, upon request, a place at the nearest available school.

Parents should note that transport to school is only provided to the child's nearest suitable school, where the walking distance is over 2 miles for pupils receiving primary education and over 3 miles for pupils receiving secondary education. If the school you are applying for as your first preference is not your nearest school then you will not receive transport. Distances are measured by the shortest walking route measured on GIS mapping system from home to the child’s nearest suitable school.  Click Here to see the LA School Transport Policy.)

If you are not offered a place at your preferred school you will have the right to an independent appeal.  Parents who wish to appeal over a refusal to a particular school must notify the LA in writing no later than 4.00 p.m. on the published closing date for appeals.  The right to appeal does not apply at nursery stage.

The Council has no obligation to finding an alternative school for your child if they do not have permanent residence in this Authority. For further details please refer to the Parents Guide to Education Services in Wrexham or Click here  to view our web site

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you hereby agree that Wrexham Council can send information that may be of interest to you as a resident.

If you do not wish to receive this information, email and let us know.